What are timeless bathroom fixture finishes?

Timeless finishes support a variety of design styles and aesthetics as tenants come and go and make the space their own. Chrome and brushed nickel are two finishes that bring timeless sophistication to any space. They will fit into the design instead of guiding it. Rich oil-rubbed or hammered finishes may look elegant today, but they could look dated within a decade.

For a timeless style that won't change in popularity over time, opt for classics like polished chrome. Polished nickel is a little warmer, but it's still classic enough to stay timeless no matter how long it takes. These finishes are also durable and easy to maintain, ensuring that accessories don't show their age. Matte and oiled finishes tend to accumulate signs of wear and tear over time, so they need to be replaced eventually.

Avoid modern colors: Use bright colors and white Brilliant, white colors are always timeless. You can use a touch of ivory or even a clear eggshell, but using whites will keep your bathroom relevant. Trendy or bold colors will quickly go out of style. If you want pops of color, use your decor and accent pieces to incorporate that design look.

If you really can't live without color on your wall, choose classic colors, such as blues, greens, and yellows. Known for their warm, earthy tone, many homeowners find faucets and fixtures with a brushed nickel finish more appealing. Shower and tub replacement contractors note that its brown shade works well against off-white bathroom sinks, tile backsplash, and marble, granite, or slate countertops. Subway Tiles Subway tiles on the floor and inside the shower are perfect for keeping your bathroom timeless.

Bathrooms and kitchens are by far the most difficult spaces to remodel because they usually include tiles, cabinets, and plumbing, in addition to the paint and carpentry that other spaces require. The bathroom accessories are bright glazed ceramic, mostly white, combined with rough “country” glass and some metal items, but all components have the same classic style and follow the same classic trend. In my opinion, choosing the color white allows you to enjoy a pristine and bright bathroom that invites you to relax. The experience with the renovation of my bathroom was so positive that I used them for my second bathroom a few months later.

There are many manufacturers who replicate the “old look” in their new bathroom vanities. However, marble has been used for centuries in kitchens and bathrooms as a natural stone that is always impressive. When you dream of your own personal bathing oasis, you dream of something that is luxurious, relaxing and, of course, relevant to the times. A classic bathroom would require a soft style, without excess decor, where bathroom accessories become decorations, while purely decorative items are present to produce only subtle accents.

Stained and whitewashed wood bathroom items have lately become central elements of modern contemporary bathroom design trends. While some homeowners enjoy remodeling their kitchen every few years to keep up with trends, most prefer timeless features. As one of the first rooms to be finished and furnished, the bathroom needs careful and frequent maintenance, remodeling, renovations and “face lift” design. Perfect for rustic, down-to-earth spaces, this finish is suitable for traditional bathrooms that radiate an Old World vibe.

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