What is the trend in bathroom faucet finishes?

Two Trends in One Brushed Nickel is an on-trend faucet finish that provides a softer touch than stainless steel, but still has the effect of a silver finish. When putting the finishing touches on your new bathroom or remodeling project, you'll have to think a lot about the finishes of the accessories. That's because the finish you choose, whether it's nickel, bronze, brass, chrome, or black, affects durability and shapes the style of your bathroom. But deciding on the right set of materials and finishes for the bathroom can be a challenge, given the many options available.

It's helpful to know what's popular and how you can express it in your style. We've highlighted some of the latest trends in luminaire finishes, including the pros and cons and the styles they work with, so you can make an informed decision. This is one of the most common and popular finishes you'll see on bathroom fixtures. Chrome complements various lighting styles and decor types.

It remains one of the most affordable finishes, most widely available, easy to maintain, durable and looks fantastic under any type of lighting. You can use this finish to evoke nostalgia for luxury bathrooms or other vintage styles, or go modern with highly polished chrome. Please note that it may show water spots and fingerprints, so you need frequent cleaning. Nickel is another common finish of faucets and bathroom accessories that shares many great qualities with chrome.

Works with virtually every decor style. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain and is durable. Polished nickel is smooth and shiny, but noticeably darker and warmer than chrome. It can also appear to change color under different lighting conditions.

Consider brushed nickel if you want a softer look, and it doesn't show water stains or fingerprints. The only downside to using nickel is that it is a little expensive and can be difficult to match with stainless steel. Brass is particularly durable and will not corrode, rust or drip. You can choose polished or satin brass.

The first one always attracts attention and is easy to clean, durable and easy to combine with different bathroom accessories and accessories. While polished brass has long been used to create a vintage look, it has become popular in recent years, making it popular with contemporary designs. On the other hand, satin brass is bold without being too flashy. As a matte finish, it does not show water stains or fingerprints.

Think of them as the classic white shirt in the bathroom, subtly sophisticated and easy to combine with other accessories, such as towel rails and door handles. Glossy chrome is the most popular bathroom finish and comes at an affordable price. Nickel has a warmer tone and a more exclusive pedigree. Stainless steel, which is still the leading metal in the kitchen, also looks indulgent in the bathroom.

Stainless steel finishes and accessories are a thing of the past. It's being replaced by champagne bronze and sleek gold for a beautiful, high-end look. Using a gold-colored faucet will create a luxurious and improved look in the kitchen or bathroom. For a striking nod to contemporary modernity, opt for gold accessories.

Finish the look by applying royal blue and soft white tones to the space. These colors work well together to complement each other. The white and gold color scheme keeps the space bright and cheerful. The minimalist design in the bathroom is very intentional and includes only essential accessories and materials.

A matte black faucet will be a timeless addition to your bathroom, giving it a luxurious and extravagant feel. They will add a soft and smooth finish to the bathroom, and the best thing is that they fit all styles, adding an antique and rich touch. Also, since it's not reflective like a polished finish, it's best to show the details of the bathroom faucet, says Lord. The addition of a matte black single handle bathroom faucet is the perfect addition to excess counter space and dark accent features.

This wall-mount floating vanity also features ample counter space, which is ideal for a master bathroom. This large master bathroom has an obvious minimalist design, but as you can see, there are a lot of bold elements everywhere, such as the wall and ceiling with wooden details. It's a finish you'll likely see for many years to come on bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as cabinet hardware. Regardless if you're looking to add a modern touch to your bathroom or if you're looking for an industrial touch, you can't go wrong with a matte black faucet.

A great advantage of this type of faucet will make the bathroom cleaner and give you more free counter space. With contrasting tiles and striking window frames, this master bathroom has plenty of bold design elements. But technological advancement and growing public appreciation for the overall look of your bathroom have made finishes an important feature. Black fixtures are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms thanks to their ability to combine with all other accessories, including vanities and decorative pieces.

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