What should you do first when remodeling a house?

As obvious as it sounds, it's important to postpone some decisions, such as paint colors, carpets, and lighting fixtures, until you spend time in the space you're renovating. For example, if you want to replace an outdated rug, the options can be overwhelming. Thick or loose fibers? Ribbed or unpatterned? What exact shade of gray? The answers depend on the other aspects of the renovation, such as the choice of paint colors. The paint palettes selected before the renovation began should be seen on the walls and may change as you spend time in the house.

Freshly painted walls and new carpet may reveal that some lighting fixtures simply don't illuminate the space as you thought they would. If you spend a little more time at first considering how everything works together in the room you're remodeling, you can save yourself several moments of returning to the drawing board. All houses keep secrets, on walls, under floors and elsewhere. A renovation can bring them to light.

Like when your contractor tells you that your floors are uneven due to a displaced center joist while measuring your highly anticipated new hardwood floors. Now you have to deal with the home inspector who missed it and repair the floor joist before the new material can fall off. This is just one example of how you should expect the unexpected when planning additional time in your renewal schedule and additional money in your renovation budget to allow for unforeseen mishaps along the way. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, new floors, bathroom vanities, and upgrading bathroom fixtures are your best bet.

You may be able to save remodeling costs by re-glazing your bathtub instead of buying a new one. In the bathroom, details can make all the difference. So whether it's for a master bathroom or a smaller one, simple upgrades like putting shiny knobs on cabinets and buying a shiny new sink faucet can go a long way. Or you may be waiting for a contractor to follow up with you for several weeks, which prevents the remodel from moving forward.

Most people just don't have the budget to remodel everything at once, so you'll have to decide which room to renovate first. Everyone knows this isn't true, but this style of quick remodeling chaired by simplistic hosts takes away the central idea that home renovation is complex and difficult. Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance and remodeling. If the remodeling is more extensive and requires the help of a professional, your order will usually be dictated by specialists who will have to come and handle it.

Depending on your current home, you may even be able to limit the cost of your remodel by renovating existing floors. Solid investments when remodeling your kitchen include upgrading to stainless steel appliances, installing new granite or quartz countertops, and installing new hardwood floors or tiles. Mid-cost renovations include everything included in a low-cost remodel, a full master bedroom renovation, and high-end floors. This is why experts agree that choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first is traditionally the smartest decision.

If you are looking for reliable home improvements in New Jersey to ensure your home remodeling project is completed as quickly as possible, without reducing quality and functionality, talk to the experts at Advantage Contracting. If you plan to remodel your entire home and don't know where to start, follow these steps below. A sketch on a cocktail napkin, full architectural plans, or just a series of firm ideas on how the remodeling should progress is a good starting point. .

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