When remodeling a house what should you start with first?

It's best to start with the kitchen, because these renovations add significant value to your home. In other cases, you need to be realistic about what work you can afford to do and when. If the property is not in a habitable state, your first priority should be to make it safe and dry, with hot water and heating, so you can move, especially if you spend money to live somewhere else while you continue work. Avoid moving until the main works are out of the way, but you can live between cosmetic alterations as long as you have finished rooms in which to cook, bathe, and sleep.

There are many reasons to remodel a home. Which one is yours? Whether it's expanding your home for your growing family, renovating bathrooms for better resale value, or simply remodeling your favorite room so you can enjoy it even more, make sure you understand why you're embarking on what could be a lengthy home improvement project. However, before doing any work, there are plans to do, hire contractors, get permits, etc. all of which takes time.

The most important aspect of the planning process is to ensure that you have enough money to pay for the project, regardless of how large or small the scope of the work is. So, the second step of home remodeling planning involves making a simple list of the work you want to do and deciding if it's something you can do yourself or not. Once you've established your plan and chosen your contractor, it's time for the demolition to begin. To make way for the new, you first have to clean up the old.

This involves not only demolition, but also debris removal, so you'll likely need to rent a large, rolling container to handle the debris. This will minimize risks and clutter during your demolition project and allow you to finish it as quickly, safely and smoothly as possible. If you decide to do any of the demolition work yourself, be careful and follow all safety precautions. Demolition can be very dangerous, especially when done in a disorderly manner.

Once your demolition work is complete, you can begin the “prep” process. Because rewiring and plumbing will likely need to be handled, handle all roughing work prior to flooring, drywall, and paint jobs, as they could be damaged in the process. Once all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC upgrades have been addressed and approved, it's time to address the structures and drywall. Painting is something you can do yourself, but it can also be exhausting work.

You may find that working in one room affects work in another (especially with regard to plumbing and wiring), so have a clear view of the entire house and prepare a work schedule that indicates the order of work, so that, for example, the wiring is completed before repasting the walls. A home renovation project that includes the installation of new windows and doors leads to lower cost in running the house. If it is, you'll want to check local guidelines for renovating the property (they will vary from state to state and even city to city), before you start making changes. Keep a diagram of your remodeling plans handy, especially for rooms that need electrical and plumbing work, so plumbers and electricians can properly address your needs.

Generally speaking, it is best to delay the installation of the floor until the end of the remodeling process, so that they do not suffer scratches, nicks or damage. If your remodeling plans are moderate or if they are mostly cosmetic (think painting, tiling, or flooring), you could try to address them yourself. To ensure that your home remodeling goes smoothly, set a detailed schedule and maximum budget for the project. Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance and remodeling.

Especially if you haven't remodeled an entire house before, it's vital that you give yourself additional time. Keep your budget in mind, but be prepared to be flexible, as many factors can increase the cost of your home remodeling project. If so, Farkash says you should choose your plan of attack based on how comfortable you are living next to an ongoing remodeling. If you're in a state with an expensive housing market, you might want to consider keeping your home and doing a renovation.

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